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Primrose Initiative

Clearlake Keys POA Primrose Initiative 2022


The Board of Directors has signed the contract to spray the Keys. Waterworks is in the process of obtaining the Spraying Permit from Lake County Water Resources. As most of you know, we petitioned the County to waive the permit fee and were rejected by three of the Board of Supervisors. The only one that was in favor of the waiver was Supervisor Crandell, who represents our district.
That being said, we are excited to announce, Board Chair and District 3 Supervisor, Eddie Crandell, has allocated $10,000 in Cannabis Discretionary Funds to the Clear Lake Keys Property Owners Association, in support of the Keys Primrose Removal Project. This will help to inhibit spread to other areas of Clear Lake, and is a targeted investment to protect our local economy and one of Lake County's most precious natural and cultural resources!
Our projected date to start spraying is Monday October 17th.  Please review the maps and zones to be sprayed. The first zone will start with zone 3, 4, and 5, which should be completed the first week. Zone2, then zone 1 will be next. All will be based on wind condition and preliminary test results. We will keep you posted daily on the progress and to verify zones that are being sprayed. Please review the following map showing your zone.
Waterworks Spraying Info/Precautions:

  1. While there are no restrictions on the use of water in the treatment area for recreational purposes, including swimming and fishing. We ask that out of an abundance of caution that people and pets do not enter the treated area for at least 12 hours after an application.


  1. Please do not approach our applicators, try to get their attention, or come near our boats, ATVs, trucks, etc. This is for your safety and theirs. If there are questions about the application please send them to the Board, so they can be forwarded to the appropriate persons. We are more than happy to answer any questions or resolve any issues, but please go through the Board first.  


  1. We may be using an Airboat in some of the channels. It can be noisy, and very windy. We ask that if you have any lighter items on your docks or in your yards near the channel you check that they are properly secured prior to application day.  If you hear the Airboat approaching please do not approach it or come out to your backyard as we may have to make tight turns at a moment's notice which will change the wind direction rapidly and could cause possible injury.


  1. Pesticide: Garlon 3A; Active Ingredient: Triclopyr; EPA Registration: #62719-37 Target Pests: Water Primrose (Ludwigia Peploides) Area to Be Treated: All channels (dry and wet) of the Clear Lake Keys POA; Date and time of Application: October 17th, 2022- Oct 27th, 7:00 am 6:30 pm Daily. Please DO NOT enter the Area during treatment and for at least 12 hours after treatment. Don’t pump water from the lake for irrigation or drinking for 24 hours. Move plants from edge of decks.

Thank all for your patience!
          The Keys Board of Directors

Harvester Zone Map
Harvester Zone Map.jpg
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