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Architectural Review

What needs a Lake County Building Permit & POA Architectural Review

  • All new construction including decks & docks 

  • Building additions 

  • Exterior remodel

  • New solar panels

  • New seawalls

  • Sheds over 120 sq ft or over 12 ft tall

  • Any shed with plumbing or electricity

  • Carports including pre-fabricated metal car ports

  • In ground swimming pools 

  • Roofing replacement

What needs a Lake County Building Permit but NOT POA Architectural Review

  • Heating & cooling replacement 

  • Hot water heater replacement

  • Interior remodel that cannot be seen from outside the building

What does not need a Lake County Building Permit but does need Lake County Zoning Clearance & POA Architectural Review

  • Storage sheds without plumbing or electricity under 120 sq ft and less that 12 feet tall

  • Fences

  •  Concrete walkways 

Allowable Fence Height Requirements
(See Lake County Zoning Article 42)

  • Front Yard- 3 feet max within 50 feet of corner . Other locations 4 feet max.

  • Side Yards- 4 feet max within 10 feet of front property line.  6 feet max at other locations

  • Rear yards- 6 feet max.

If POA Architectural Review is required, drawings must be approved by the POA Architectural Review Committee before submittal to Lake County Planning or Building Departments.

Submittal requirements:
Submit three (3) sets of plans and specifications and mail to:

Ernie Vasheresse
P.O. Box 1401
Clearlake Oaks, CA. 95423

Include a check per the schedule below and your contact information. Two sets of plans and specifications will be returned to you, stamped as approved or disapproved.  If you cannot pick up the two sets of plans in person and wish them mailed, provide self-addressed envelopes with appropriate postage affixed for the return.
Allow 15 working days for review.
Fee Schedule- Effective May 1, 2018:
All new construction that adds square footage including decks, docks, in ground pools or adds additional roof area including carports = $60.
All exterior Remodels that do not add square footage, roofing replacement, solar panels, seawalls, sheds, fences and concrete walkways = $35.
Questions contact:
Ernie Vasheresse, Architectural Review Committee Chair
Phone: (415) 971-3130

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