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The Clear Lake Keys is a subdivision built during the 1960's.  It is unique for being located on 6 1/2 miles of channels that provide access to Clear Lake, California's largest natural lake.​

MISSION:  The POA is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to the Preservation and Improvement of the Quality of life in the Clear Lake Keys. 

MEMBERSHIP:  You are a member of the POA if you own property in the Keys. The POA helps us maintain a fleet of algae boats and provides other services that would otherwise not exist.


Here are some important facts about the POA:

  • Membership in POA entitles you one vote per parcel to vote on issues affecting your property and entitles you to select the Directors who represent you.

  • The Board of Directors is available for communication and meets at the Keys Club, 12980 Lakeland Street, Clearlake Oaks.  A General meeting is also held at the same location.  Board and General meetings are open to all property owners.  Please see the Meeting Schedule for dates and times.

  •  We have an established Neighborhood Watch program. (contact Mike Herman for more information)

  • We publish a Newsletter four times a year that keeps you current on important issues that affect you.

  • We maintain a website that provides timely information about events and issues.

  • We maintain a fleet of algae boats that operate, when lake is navigable, six or more months during the year to keep the 6 1/2 miles of canals free of algae and other undesirable vegetation.

  • We have rights to a private boat ramp.

  • We have sponsored picnics and special events like the July 4th Boat Parade

Unlike large metropolitan areas, many services, such as maintenance of the canals, must be performed by volunteers, and must be funded by contributions. For this reason, as a property owner, you can help protect your investment by joining and becoming active in the POA.

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